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Liberia Merchant Capital Limited (LMC), a company incorporated in the Republic of Liberia which has been licensed by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) as regulator for the financial sector in Liberia to operate as a discount house under the New Financial Institutions Act of Liberia of 1999. In June 2021, the CBL issued the Operational Guidelines for Discount Houses in Liberia as a basis for the licensing, operation and regulation of discount houses.

A discount house is a specialised financial institution whose main roles include the trading, discounting and negotiating bills of exchange or promissory notes or tradeable financial instruments in the money market particularly in the secondary market. Its transactions are generally performed on a wholesale basis or relatively large amounts in instruments that include government bonds, Treasury bills and Central Bank bills. In the operational guidelines for discount houses, the Central Bank of Liberia outlines the objectives and principal duties of a discount house to be:

  • to promote the rapid growth and efficiency of the money market in Liberia;
  • to act as an intermediary between the Central Bank of Liberia and the licensed banks in open market operations (OMO) transactions and other eligible money market securities;
  • to facilitate the issue and sale of short-term government securities and other eligible short-term commercial bills;
  • to provide discount/re-discount facilities for treasury securities and other eligible financial instruments;
  • to provide fund/portfolio management and financial advisory services;
  • to accept short term investments on an intermediary basis; and
  • other functions which may be prescribed by the CBL from time to time.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


To pioneer, develop and sustain an active secondary market in Liberia’s financial sector through the provision of competitive financial products and services


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Financial Analysis

To become the leading financial instruments trading financial institution in Liberia



Tomorrow, Together