Loita Capital Partners International Limited

Loita Capital Partners International Limited is a pan-African Financial Services Firm. Loita provides services in the arrangement and funding of debt transactions; advisory services and capital-raising for equity transactions; bank management; correspondent banking; and other corporate-oriented financial services.

Founded in 1992 by a group of international bankers, Loita has since grown into a unique pan-African group with a dedicated team of professionals from around the world. The group originates and completes transactions across Africa from a network of company and affiliated locations and relies on this local network to share and apply best practices.

Loita’s competitive advantage derives from the ability to bridge the gap between the objectives of regional and international financial institutions and Africa’s investment banking requirements.

Trans Africa Holdings Limited (TAH)

Trans Africa Holdings Limited (TAH) is a financial services group that was incorporated in 1992 in Mauritius as an investment holding company. The founders of the company had found a gap in the African financial market for specialized financial institutions where the needs of market segments that were not serviced by banking institutions. TAH has a corporate office in Johannesburg, South Africa through its subsidiary TAH Capital (Pty) Limited.

TAH worked with the Central Bank in Malawi, the Reserve Bank of Malawi, to establish the first discount house called Continental Discount House Limited (CDH) which operated in Malawi from 1998 to 2012 when it was converted to an investment bank. In Malawi, TAH, through its Malawian subsidiary, Continental Holdings Limited, also has investments in an asset management company (AMC), a stockbroking firm and a properties company. 

In Ghana, TAH, together with other institutional investors, has invested in a specialized financial services group called SDC Holdings Limited. SDC Holdings has in turn has invested in SDC Finance Limited, a finance house and leasing company, and SDC Capital Limited, a licensed advisor and fund manager. TAH acquired a discount house in Ghana through SDC Finance Limited when the company was called Securities Discount Company Ghana Limited

The National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP)

The National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) was established for the income protection and welfare of employees in both the public and private economic sectors of Liberia. One important function of the Corporation is the implementation of the Employment Injury Scheme (or EIS), which provides medical benefits for insured persons who sustain job-related injuries or contract occupational diseases. A second vital function is the National Pension Scheme (or NPS), that provides pension benefits to insured persons. Let it be stated that dependents of insured persons can benefit too in case of death of insured persons.

A third major function of the Corporation is to administer the Welfare scheme which has not been launched due to the civil crisis and Government’s inability to mobilize funds for the scheme.